Make virtual signing experiences more personal with Adobe, Microsoft, and Notarize

Live signing on video and remote online notarizations pave the way for personalized, end-to-end digital experiences.

by Doug Thompson

Posted on 10-23-2020

Have we lost the ability to connect to people by going digital?

The global pandemic has pressured document-intensive organizations across all industries, including financial services, life sciences, insurance, government, and education, to accelerate the digitization of document workflows. This has required massive transformation of existing processes to support new ways of working in order to keep documents moving and business flowing.

With so many customers, clients, citizens, and students using remote, digital solutions, organizations are starting to see the realities of the truly paperless workspace — both the positives and the tradeoffs.

Paperless processes not only dramatically lower costs, they accelerate cycle times, allowing documents to be routed, reviewed, and approved in hours or minutes instead of days or weeks.

By going digital on so many fronts, organizations are finding that continuous interactions with colleagues and customers is so much more important now to building relationships and trust, as people are interacting virtually. But those interactions bring certain challenges, especially maintaining the benefits of an in-person signing experience.

The next step in digital document experiences – embedded live, interactive video

Adobe and its strategic partners share the vision of replacing manual and paper-based processes with easy, efficient, and exceptional digital experiences. With new advancements in live, interactive video, the digital document experience is now able to feel like an in-person signing experience with an added layer of trust and security.

Adobe is pleased to announce two new offerings delivering on these advancements that are coming soon:

1. Live signing on video using Adobe Sign for Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool and central hub for productivity with more than 75 million users every day, and Adobe Sign is Microsoft’s preferred e-signature solution. Adobe recognizes the importance of Teams to organizations around the world and will be furthering the Adobe Sign integration into the Teams video experience.

Live signing on video with Adobe Sign enables a face-to-face conversation with an expert to ensure signers understand and feel comfortable with the content they’re signing.

For example, a doctor can be on a Teams video call with a patient, clearly explaining how their surgical procedure will be conducted while capturing their legally binding e-signature with Adobe Sign where needed — all from inside Microsoft Teams.

Live signing on video with Adobe Sign for Microsoft Teams will be available in early 2021.

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2. New Adobe Sign integration with Notarize, remote online notarization: For documents that need more than just a signature, such as a home loan or legal settlement, we traditionally use a Certified Notary Public to verify our identity and walk us through the signing process. Did you know that more than 1.25 billion notarizations were logged last year alone? Up until recently, all these notarizations were done in-person using ink signatures on piles of paper with thumbprints captured in paper notebooks, not to mention the ink pads … lots of ink pads!

Given our new remote working environment, it’s no wonder the need for remote online notarizations are at an all-time high. Customers are looking for ways to be able to notarize their documents safely and securely. In order to bring this functionality to Adobe Sign, Adobe has partnered with the leading remote online notarization provider, Notarize, to integrate its technology within the Adobe Sign interface.

By the first half of 2021, the first-of-its-kind, end-to-end integration between a RON solution and e-signature solution will be offered to all Adobe Sign customers so they can initiate live online video notarization sessions, seamlessly from within Adobe Sign.

Go digital and deliver an exceptional human experience

Going digital isn’t going away and will likely gain more traction in every aspect of our lives. With its partners, Adobe is leading the way to deliver innovative technology that creates connections that are all more personal. Embedding live video along with electronic signatures into digital document workflows brings the human touch where it is not only nice to have but required in order to continue to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Get a free 30-day trial of Adobe Sign for Teams and learn more about Notarize here.

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