State of Oklahoma taps Adobe Experience Cloud for web modernization project

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State agencies are beginning to rethink how residents access government services. The ease in which a single website can help people accomplish daily tasks at home or at work, has not been widely seen in the public sector. In today’s world, residents have multiple web destinations for DMV services, healthcare needs, small business resources, and so on. The inconsistency creates a subpar experience, while promoting inefficiencies across state agencies. And amid an ongoing pandemic, there is an even greater urgency to improve access and discoverability, as well as bolster engagement.

Oklahoma logo. The State of Oklahoma wants to change this, and it is partnering with Adobe to spearhead its web modernization project. The state has ambitious goals, with the hope that the project becomes a model for other states to follow. Residents will be provided a one-stop shop on, where they can access any service provided for Oklahomans. Whether the need is around incorporating a business, applying for financial assistance, or getting a fishing permit, everything can all be done from one central destination—with a consistent, seamless experience throughout.

Oklahoma and Adobe

Adobe Experience Cloud brings together a set of enterprise applications that are foundational to digital transformation. The state of Oklahoma will use Adobe Experience Manager to create and manage its website experience across desktop and mobile. Adobe Analytics will help the state understand the residents’ journey across the site and use the insights for ongoing improvements. Adobe Target will power personalization efforts and with Adobe Campaign, the state will be able to orchestrate messages across email, SMS, push notifications, and more.

Adobe Acrobat Sign will empower a remote workforce, enabling automated electronic signatures that support contactless document processing. And with Adobe Commerce Cloud, the state will be able to deliver a consistent payment experience across all state agencies. Project leaders are also looking to leverage Intelligent Services, a set of AI and machine learning technologies powered by Adobe Sensei. This includes Attribution AI, which helps quantify the effectiveness of channels such as email and social media, and Customer AI, which provides propensity scores to help refine digital experiences.

“As consumers ourselves, we know how valuable it is to have a website that is engaging, trustworthy, and streamlined. is a great example, where I can go purchase Photoshop and Acrobat, just as easily as I could research Adobe Analytics for my organization,” shares Matt Pinnell, Lieutenant Governor, State of Oklahoma. “For Oklahomans, we want to set a similarly high bar and compare ourselves not only to other government entities, but to the standard bearers in categories like eCommerce and technology.”

“COVID-19 has certainly accelerated the urgency here, and our residents are going online even more these days. When they need to connect with our agencies, the expectation is much higher now,” Pinnell says. “We want to give them a stellar web experience, that works great on smartphones and feels intuitive to their needs. Its required that we bring multiple state agencies together, rallying around the common goal of improving resident experiences. And with Adobe technologies, we have a foundation to deliver this at scale, along with Adobe Consulting Services that will help us implement it. We have a long road ahead, but we know the payoff will be worth it.”