Open Water: A 3D tutorial with Mue Studio

Open Water by Mue Studio

Over the past few months, the Adobe Stock 3D Team has worked closely with Minjin Kang and Mijoo Kim of Mue Studio, exploring the techniques and creative vision that have led to their unique, semi-surreal works. We have learned how to recreate one of their beautiful 3D scenes through this Leaves on Water Tutorial and have dived into their history, background, and artistic vision with this intimate interview.

Blue Room by Mue Studio.

Adobe Stock 3D has collaborated with Mue Studio on a second tutorial, where you can learn how to create Open Water, a new work using Adobe Dimension. Incorporating assets from this free collection of 3D models, we will take you through a three-part tutorial, leveraging materials, textures, and a minimalist design aesthetic. Join us on this creative exploration and see what is possible.

The free Semi-Surreal 3D Collection on Adobe Stock.

Open Water tutorial (Part 1): Asset placement and composition

Step 1: Position the two front walls

Step 2: Create the swimming pool and floor

Chart showing Position, Scale, and Rotation of the sides of the pool and the floor of the Open Water scene.

Step 3: Add the final 3D models

Render of the Open Water scene with Part 1 complete.

Open Water tutorial (Part 2): Camera lighting and settings

Step 4: Add a camera bookmark

Step 5: Adjust the environment light

Step 6: Add an additional light

Render of the Open Water scene with Part 2 complete.

Open Water tutorial (Part 3): Customizing the materials and textures

Step 7: Add materials to the walls, floor, and pool

Step 8: Add the water

Step 9: Fine tune the remaining assets

Congratulations! You have now finished the Open Water tutorial and can render out your final scene. A few suggestions as you wrap up your work:

Our appreciation to Minjin Kang and Mijoo Kim of Mue Studio for their amazing work on this tutorial and for sharing their creative inspiration with us over the past few months. For more about Mue Studio, please visit their website here or their Behance portfolio here.