Access to your digital asset ecosystem at your fingertips

Sharing work over the internet.

Given the current climate in the world today, we’ve had to rethink how we live and work together. We’ve shifted from the office to the home office and are collaborating with teams spread far and wide around the globe. New surroundings can release new creative energy, but the work only gets completed if you can easily access all your assets and data domains. If not, time is wasted connecting to servers, looking for the proper login credentials or struggling with technical issues, which isn’t conducive to that newfound creativity. When it comes down to it, creatives and marketers need one tool to connect to all systems together.

Assets at your fingertips

Once the technical issues are solved, the right asset, image or video is needed next. You know exactly which one you’re looking for, but where did you see it? On the company’s server? Adobe Stock? Did you or a colleague already buy it or was it only the watermarked preview?

Pictures and videos are resources to creatives just as tools are for carpenters, and it’s critical that all assets be accessible when you need them.

And the struggle goes on…

Finding the right asset that fits in the brochure, print ad, or video clip is a good start. But it goes beyond just the asset. There are corporate type kits and fonts, templates and colors to keep in mind. You don’t have to know everything, you just need to know where to find It, and that’s where a corporate identity (CI) guide comes into play.

Creatives and marketers need a way to store the information needed and make sure it is easily updated and enriched with meta data and change history. One solution to make sure that all your colleagues working abroad have the same knowledge and work with the same version as you do. One place where you can easily access the knowledge you need to simply be able to do your job. Wouldn´t it be great if you had a tool that does all that for you?

Simplicity empowers people

At CI HUB we want to empower creative teams and make your workday easier and more efficient. At this year’s Adobe MAX Creative Conference, we connected with marketers and creatives on a global scale. We believe that when you love what you do, the potential is limitless, and we work to solve technical and administrative burdens on cross-functional teams, ensuring projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office working together.

CI HUB Connector integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud to support your creativity by connecting you to the sources you need and finding the right assets.