Adobe RoboHelp 6 Arrives

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Last week, we released Adobe RoboHelp 6. It was one of the most significant milestones for my team. This was a culmination of tremendous effort from everyone involved and connected with the product. My special thanks to Akshay (Product Manager, RoboHelp), Vivek Kumar (Engineering Manager, RoboHelp) and his team. A special thanks to our customers and community experts as well. This release would not have been possible without their support. When we started work a few months earlier, there was considerable speculation on the future of RoboHelp. When we met customers, analysts and participated in trade shows, almost everyone was pleased to know that we had a team in place and we were working on the new release.

Finally, with the release of Adobe RoboHelp 6, we have put the speculation to rest. Initial response to the product has been heartening. Customers love RoboHelp and are happy to see the first release from Adobe. The product continues to deliver its promise of an easy to use, online and embedded help authoring tool. RoboHelp 6 has enhanced import from Word, user defined variables, enhanced condition tags and so on (I don’t want to list all of them, those interested can read it on RoboHelp product page on Adobe web-site). What has missed attention of some analysts is the new tools which come along with RoboHelp. These include RoboScreenCapture, upgraded RoboSourceControl (for team authoring) and Acrobat Elements (for PDF creation).

If you haven’t tried the new version, you can download the free trial from

Of course we are not done yet. Vivek Kumar and his team are back to work after a short celebration. We have more challenges to overcome and I have no doubt in my mind, we will.

Update – We recently announced Adobe Technical Communication Suite and Adobe RoboHelp 7.