FrameMaker – Is and will remain to be …

Past few months have been busy.

On one side, I have been meeting FrameMaker users and enthusiasts, and on the other, I have been working with FrameMaker engineering. The most important question is; how can we make sure that FrameMaker continues to be the tool of choice for you? How do we make sure that FrameMaker evolves with time and helps you take benefit from emerging trends and standards? The DITA application pack was one such project designed to help our users adopt the emerging standards.

Over the last few months I met many FrameMaker users, consultants, plugin developers and trainers. It was a very pleasant experience. FrameMaker is like an inseparable part of their work lives. They love using FrameMaker and they love talking about it and providing valuable inputs and suggestions on making it better. What features to add to FrameMaker. What bugs to fix at the earliest. What are the limitations of conditional text. How important is multilingual authoring. The list goes on …

Most importantly, they were relieved to know that FrameMaker would be there for years to come, and it would become better with each release. I have noticed discussions on some blogs and mailing lists regarding the future of FrameMaker. Let me assure you, as the Product Manager of FrameMaker, that FrameMaker is here to stay. We would do what it takes to keep FrameMaker at the leading edge of technology.

All the valuable suggestions that I have received from you play an important role in laying down the product roadmap. I have already met many of you and I would like to meet more of you to learn from your experiences. Please send a message to aseem_(at)adobe(dot)_com to schedule a meeting. I am also planning to be at the WritersUA annual conference at Long Beach, and the STC annual conference at Minneapolis, where we can meet in person.

Thank you for your time.

Aseem Dokania, Product Manager – FrameMaker

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