Thank you for the overwhelming response

It was heartening to see the number of emails that I received in response to FrameMaker – Is and will remain to be …. The emails were both encouraging and critical. There were good suggestions as well as valid complaints. I would request you to keep the emails and the feedback coming, as it provides us with very valuable inputs.

I received a few emails and comments regarding Mac support. Adobe discontinued FrameMaker software for the Apple Macintosh operating system on April 21, 2004. The decision to discontinue FrameMaker on the Macintosh operating systems was based on the market conditions for FrameMaker. The majority of our customers use FrameMaker on Microsoft Windows and Sun Solaris platforms. FrameMaker 7.2 will continue to be available on Microsoft Windows and Sun Solaris platforms. Adobe is continuing Macintosh development for flagship print and web publishing solutions such as Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, Contribute and many others. Having said that, I believe there are some good workarounds available now for using windows applications on Mac. It may be possible to use one of them for FrameMaker.

The response from Europe was very encouraging. I do plan to travel to Europe during the 2nd qtr of 2007. It would be great if I could meet some customers and users at that time to understand their Technical Communication workflows and to hear their inputs on FrameMaker. Please send me a message at aseem(at)adobe(dot)com if it is possible for you and your team to take out an hour or two for the meeting.

Thank you

Aseem Dokania, Product Manager – FrameMaker

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