Single Sourcing in RoboHelp : Part 2

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In Adobe RoboHelp 6, we added a number of features for Single Sourcing. Here are a few more examples –

1. Apply Conditional tags on Table rows and columns – With improved support for conditional tags, you can now apply them on table rows and columns. And the usage is very simple, in a table, select a row or a column, right-click and apply a conditional tag. Here is an example –

2. Hyperlinks in Word and PDF export -Hyperlinks in Word and PDF export are retained as hyperlinks.

3. User defined variables – Now, you can define variables. After you insert them at the right location, you can change the value later, providing greater flexibility and control.

Besides single sourcing, we made several enhancements in Adobe RoboHelp 6. This includes command line compile. _corrected _– Enabling index terms to link to bookmarks inside a topic and not just a topic, _already existed prior to RoboHelp 6 _. This gives you better control if a particular topic spans across multiple pages and still retains the ease of use.

We continue to look for more suggestions on how to improve these capabilities in RoboHelp further.