Adobe RoboHelp – Reaching for the Sky

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This is the first time that I am posting to the team blog. To begin with, let me introduce myself.

Hello, I am Akshay Madan, Product Manager for Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe RoboHelp Server. I have been with Adobe for around seven years now. I worked for Acrobat team before taking up this responsibility.

Adobe RoboHelp 6 was released in January 2007 and we are working on the next release. This should put to rest all the fears of RoboHelp being dead and that it has got a very bright future. In Adobe RoboHelp 6, we implemented a number of new features (please refer for a complete list of new features).

Surprisingly, even after a release, I still get mails and hear comments, like, RoboHelp is a legacy tool; Adobe won’t be able to support latest platforms like Microsoft Vista and blah blah. Give me a break –RoboHelp has been around for a long time and has a history. Is this what they mean by legacy? RoboHelp continues to be the market leader and has very loyal customers. It is the preferred tool for creating Help Systems and Knowledge bases. And Adobe has publicly committed to a Vista compliant release.

If you have any doubts about Adobe RoboHelp’s future or any queries around the product, I request you to write directly to me at amadan(at)adobe(dot)com.