FrameMaker Beta is here…

[2 July 2007 – Adobe is not accepting any more volunteers for FrameMaker Beta Program]

Finally the day lot of us have been waiting for… I am happy to share with you that the FrameMaker Beta 1 is already under testing by a select group of FrameMaker experts. And, their initial reviews are very encouraging.

The FrameMaker product team is looking for volunteers to participate in FrameMaker Prerelease Beta 2. Please click here to apply by filling up the FrameMaker Prerelease participation form. If your application is approved, you would soon be able to download the prerelease build. We would inform you once Beta 2 is available for testing.

Please Note: During the application process, please use the “Existing Users” section if you have an existing Adobe Prerelease system ( account. If you are participating in prerelease programs for the first time and do not possess a prior account, then use the “New Users” section and provide your email address. A mail containing a link to the Prerelease program will be sent to the specified email address as verification. Use this link in that mail to continue with the registration process to join the Prerelease program.

We look forward to your participation.

Thank you

Aseem – FrameMaker Product Manager