FrameMaker 8 is available

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Adobe FrameMaker 8 is available now.

The year 2007 is turning out be an exciting one for Adobe in technical communication. We already had four product releases – Adobe RoboHelp 6, Adobe Acrobat 3D ver 8, Adobe FrameMaker 8 and Adobe Captivate 3, and we have another 5 months to go before we end this year.

FrameMaker 8 is probably one of the most significant releases in the history of FrameMaker. With Unicode, DITA, support for Flash, 3D, conditional text enhancements, Filter by Attribute, Track text edits and so on, FrameMaker 8 is a feature packed release. This time, we had a very active pre-release program and that has greatly helped in improving the product. Also, the development team led by Rajat Bansal has demonstrated exemplary commitment in making this release possible. We have certainly achieved more than what we initially set out to do.

With the release of FrameMaker 8, we are entering a period of accelerated development for FrameMaker. We have started planning for the next version and if you have a feature enhancement request, do let us know.

Update – We recently announced Adobe Technical Communication Suite and Adobe RoboHelp 7.