Adobe RoboHelp 7

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You can’t imagine how thrilled and excited I am. I feel like jumping on my chair. Jump, Jump…

We just announced another significant release of Adobe RoboHelp. Check out RoboHelp product page at for more information. Another major update in record 9 months. Oh boy – RoboHelp development is on steroids.

This has been a very special release – we have had some rave comments on the prerelease site about the current release. Customers who have seen this (via our prerelease program) still don’t believe that we could add such major advancements in 9 months. Enough of trumpeting, let’s get down to the point.

Summary of major feature added in Adobe RoboHelp 7:

There are a number of other features that we have developed in Adobe RoboHelp 7. Even each of the above listed features is a big enough item for a blog discussion. I shall try to cover each of the features in detail in subsequent blogs.