Materials for Reducing Risk and Commenting eSeminars

From time to time, Adobe asks me to present eSeminars on topics which are not exclusively related to the legal market.

Recently, I wrote the script and worked with a team to develop a scenario-based eSeminar called Acrobat in Action. During the event, we showed how Acrobat could be used by program managers, marketing, engineering and operations.

I was also asked to do two follow-up seminars which take place this week:

I like to post my materials (presentation) for access by the audience, and my blog is a perfect place to do so. Since Adobe will be recording these events, I’ll update this blog entry once I have a link to the archived recordings.

For those who want to see something specifically legal-focused, try these archived eSeminars:

Legal Forms on Demand eSeminar

Acrobat for Legal Professionals on Demand eSeminar

Securing Legal Documents and Information eSeminar

Read on to download the materials and hear more about how I create the demos.

Materials Download for Reducing Risk and Faster Reviews eSeminar

All documents open in a new window.




Reducing Risk with Document Security Presentation

16-slide PDF presentation with speaker notes.


Security Resources

Single PDF slide with links to security resources for Acrobat


Easier Reviews and Faster Feedback Presentation and Resources

4-slide PDF document with with speaker notes and resources with clickable links


My Process— In Case You Care

If you are in Legal IT, training, or maybe even just present in court using a computer, you may glean something useful from the information shared below.

Although I’ve presented hundreds of times, I always use a demo script.

The script represents the order in which I introduce the concepts and capabilities of the product. The cardinal rule of a good demo is “do useful work”. In other words, show features that solve real customer problems or save time.

If the script is just for me, it will be fairly simple and only include the basic steps and the names of the files, such as this sample demo script (34K PDF). If I’m doing a complex scenario-based demo, I’ll write suggested verbiage and very detailed steps for my co-presenters.

Good demos work and are easy to perform, allowing the presenter to focus on communicating with the audience. Demo designers and those who present demos should . . .