Updating linked FrameMaker files

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I have been talking about various features and settings for linking FrameMaker documents in RoboHelp. Today, I’ll take you through the functionality offered when the linking of files is already done. Yes, let’s see how you can update these files.

If you want to change some of the settings you specified at the time of linking files, right-click on the linked file and select ‘Properties’.

FrameMaker Document Settings’ Dialog opens up. All the setting dialogs which were seen during the initial linking can be seen as tabs here.

You can choose to update a particular chapter by changing the settings for that particular chapter or you can update the settings for the whole book (right click the book icon and then change properties).

Once settings are changed, the icon changes to red representing an internal un-synchronization.

As can be seen below, if properties are changed for the whole book, all child level entries too get unsynchronized.

Right-clicking an icon gives the update options. Just choose whether you want a simple Update or Force Update. One the selection is made, RoboHelp will quickly update your files taking care of your updated settings!

– Mahesh