Editing Style Information in RoboHelp for a Linked FrameMaker Book

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Adobe Technical Communication Suite enables a HTML publishing workflow from FrameMaker to RoboHelp. While adding FrameMaker files as live links in RoboHelp, you can map FrameMaker styles to RoboHelp styles. RoboHelp uses a specific style sheet fmstyles.css which can be modified for custom needs.

1. The style information in RoboHelp can also be edited after the content has been imported in RoboHelp. Please make sure you make these style changes in fmstyles.css since all the style sheets in the RoboHelp project for FrameMaker files are derived from this style sheet. If you make changes in this style sheet, all the linked chapters from the FrameMaker book will inherit the change which will be consistently applied across the project.

2. If you want to edit the style information specific to a Chapter (from the FrameMaker book), you may want to create a style in FrameMaker for that Chapter. By creating a unique style specific to that Chapter, you can now map this style to any RoboHelp style. If needed, you can also add styles in fmstyles.css. The style sheet can be edited using RoboHelp User Interface.

I am including a Captivate demo of how you can edit style information for linked FrameMaker files (Update- I have added a “Click to Start” button to the demo). I hope you will find this useful. Please let me know your comments.