Editing Styles in RoboHelp for Linked FrameMaker Books – Part 2

FrameMaker,RoboHelp,Technical Communication Suite,Help Authoring,HAT,Captivate demo

In my previous post, I showed how a style can be edited in RoboHelp by editing the style sheet fmstyles.css. After you edit the style, the change is preserved on further updates in RoboHelp for changes in the linked FrameMaker book. In the attached Captivate demo (Update- I have added a “Click to Start” button to the demo), I show how you can create or edit a style in fmstyles.css, map it to a FrameMaker style (which was previously mapped to “Source”) and update the content in RoboHelp.

Note – When you make the change in fmstyles.css or style mapping, always use “Force Update” to update the linked content.