Preserve Changes in RoboHelp for a Linked FrameMaker Book

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Adobe Technical Communication Suite enables a single sourcing workflow from FrameMaker to RoboHelp for HTML publishing. While it is ideal to maintain all the content in FrameMaker, there are special situations which may require the RoboHelp content to be out of sync from FrameMaker documents either for short duration or for small set of topics. These special situations can relate to project deadlines or project requirements which make the process of maintaining a single source difficult.

Adobe RoboHelp 7, as part of Adobe Technical Communication Suite, provides a new and really powerful functionality of managing this Out of Synchronization behavior. First, it provides a visual indicator the moment there is a change in RoboHelp content for a Linked FrameMaker document. Second, it allows you to select a set of topics which you want to preserve when the content is updated again. Since you can manage this at HTML topic level, you can control this at a granular level. Lastly, you can also delete topics and not regenerate these topics during the next update.

Here is a Captivate demo of this feature (Update – I am adding a “Click to Start” button on the demos – Thanks Rick for your suggestion). Do share your comments and suggestions with me.