Materials for Today’s Communication Challenges

Although I focus mainly on two markets (Legal and Life Science), I was recently asked to conduct one of Adobe’s horizontal events which are not specific to any vertical market.

The eSeminar was Today’s Communication Challenges. In this eSeminar, my colleague Jim Merry and I offered a high-level overview and demonstration of what Acrobat can do for_ Knowledge Workers._

Knowledge Workers work in many disciplines, but have several common tasks that they need to accomplish:

The slides include many helpful resources including links to tutorials, books and more.

Read on to get to the download materials.

Materials for Today’s Communication Challenges

The document below includes the slides presented during the session. The Resource slides, shown separately during the event, have been added to this document.

Todays_Communication_Challenges_blog.pdf (505K PDF)

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Today's Communication Challenges Sldies

Note: Adobe Reader 7 or later is required to open this file. The file is print-disabled, but is Reader-enabled so you can add your own notes, etc.