Adobe Technical Communication Suite – Thank you for a Great Response !

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The year 2007 has been an exciting one and as I look forward to 2008, it promises to be even better. We had 6 product releases in 2007 – Adobe RoboHelp 6 in January, Acrobat 3D ver 8 in May, Adobe Captivate 3 and Adobe FrameMaker 8 in July, Adobe RoboHelp 7 and Adobe Technical Communication Suite in October. The launch of Adobe Technical Communication Suite is a major milestone for us. It brings together the best in class applications and provides an end-to-end solution to all technical communication needs. It is heartening to see the response to the Suite. It is way beyond my expectation! Thank you.

During the last two years, we have expanded our engineering teams for FrameMaker and Captivate and created a new team for RoboHelp. Overall, we have a larger and may I say more experienced and skilled engineering team than anyone else in the business. Both customers and industry experts have acknowledged the impact we have made in the year 2007. FrameMaker 8 has been rated as the biggest release in a decade and we have received similar comments for RoboHelp 7. Captivate 3 surprised everyone with the features it delivered in short period of time. Acrobat 3D continues to create new milestones in innovation – enabling new workflows which no one thought were possible.

Lastly, a big thank you for hundreds of comments, suggestions and personal e-mails we have received. We started this team blog in January 2007. It’s almost a year now and I must say that it has been a rewarding experience. Your feedback is valuable and I look forward to continuing this dialog.

Wish you a very happy new year 2008!