Adobe RoboHelp 7 Video Tutorials on Help Resource Center

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I am not too sure if you are aware that the Help for Adobe RoboHelp 7 and Adobe RoboHelp Server 7 is posted on Adobe Help Resource Center ( You can visit this page and access it even if you do not have Adobe RoboHelp license. Please visit this page for browsing latest Help, Getting Started Guides, Installation guides and other resources. We recently posted some Video tutorial showcasing the new Adobe RoboHelp 7 features on the Help Resource Center. Here is a list of tutorials posted on the website:

**Explore the RoboHelp 7 interface
**Get a feel for the new look of Adobe RoboHelp 7. Learn about the Multiple Document Interface, which lets you work simultaneously on multiple topics.
Video (3:21 minutes)

**Personalize the RoboHelp 7 user interface
**Get a feel for the new look of Adobe RoboHelp 7. Learn how to group pods, customize the user interface and save your custom environment.
Video (4:32 minutes)

Import Adobe FrameMaker files into RoboHelp 7
Learn how to map styles when importing FrameMaker files into Adobe RoboHelp 7.
Video (5:55 minutes)

**Unicode Support
**Learn about Unicode support and localization feature in Adobe RoboHelp 7, which helps create content in 35 languages.
Video (4:16 minutes)

**Learn how to create, insert, delete, and manage Snippets in RoboHelp projects.
Video (2:06 minutes)

**Enhanced end-user experience
**Learn about new features in Adobe RoboHelp 7 like Synonyms, Search Highlighting, and Breadcrumb Navigation, which enhance user experience.
Video (3:02 minutes)

**New HTML editor
**Learn how to improve productivity using features like color coding, enhanced Find / Replace, and Intellisense in the new HTML editor in Adobe RoboHelp 7.
Video (3:12 minutes)

**Multiple tables of contents, indexes, and glossaries
**Learn how to effectively single source content by defining and managing multiple Table of Contents, Indexes, and Glossaries in a single RoboHelp 7 project.
Video (4:08 minutes)

**Integration with RoboScreen Capture
**Learn how to use RoboScreen Capture for capturing and inserting screenshots into Adobe RoboHelp 7 HTML. RoboScreen Capture ships for free with Adobe RoboHelp 7.
Video (2:31 minutes)

**Integration with Adobe Captivate
**Learn how to create powerful and engaging simulations in Adobe Captivate, and import them into Adobe RoboHelp 7 HTML.
Video (3:22 minutes)

I hope you will find these tutorials informative and useful.