RoboHelp Packager for Adobe AIR (Beta) – Add Comments and Favorites in your Online Help

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RoboHelp Packager for Adobe AIR (Beta) provides two skins (a) Multi-Tab Accordion and UniPane. Each of these skins comes with several themes (color schemes) to choose from. In this post, I share a few screenshots of a Customer Care project (one of the sample projects which is part of Adobe RoboHelp 7) published using Multi-Tab Accordion skin.

You can now open more than one tab in the help. At times you have more than two topics which are of interest and you want to open both of them (from search results or from the TOC menu). However, CHM or WebHelp don’t provide an ability to open multiple tabs in the same help window. In the screenshot below, you may also notice the mini-TOC to the right side of the content window. Also note that text of the content pane automatically reflows to adjust for the mini-TOC. Thus, mini-TOC is not hiding any of the content.

You can also add comments to the bottom of each page (see below). Comments are at present stored in the local repository on the client machine.

You can also add favorites – please see the Favorites tab at the bottom of the left pane (see below).

On the top right hand corner, you can list resources (for example, corporate web site, support forum link etc.). If you will want to see how your project looks in Adobe AIR, please download the Beta from Adobe Labs.