PDF Packages for Case Analysis: Cover Sheet Bookmarks

Legal professionals are starting to use PDF Packages increasingly for Case Analysis, and that led to this email which I received from a paralegal recently:

Is it possible to add a bookmark that can point to any place in any document in a PDF package? We use bookmarks extensively in our large document files (one of the reasons I liked the print bookmark workaround you came up with), which makes it easier to navigate a lot of information.

The short is answer is Yes!

In this article, I’ll discuss how you can create links from the PDF Package Cover Sheet to any document in the package.

This technique offers you a central place where you are a click away from any important passage in any document in the package.

Using this technique, you can quickly get to the document locations which describe the key characters, issues and facts in your case.

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Intra-Document Bookmarks

As a first step, you will need to find important passages, characters, and facts in each documents in the PDF Package.

These intra-document bookmarks link to a location inside the same document.

To create a bookmark in a document:

  1. Open the Bookmark Panel by clicking on the Bookmark button:
  2. Go to the page or view you wish to save as a bookmark
  3. Click the New Bookmark button
  4. Or, hit Ctrl-B (Command-B on the Mac)
  5. Edit the bookmark text as needed

Inter-Document Bookmarks

An inter-document bookmark points to a location outside the document.

A Cover Sheet is the backbone of the entire PDF Package. It can contain bookmarks which point to any place in any of the documents it contains.

Since the Cover Sheet is always available by clicking on the Cover Sheet button, it is a convenient way to switch context between all of the documents in the case and the individual documents.

Follow these steps to create a bookmark in the Package Cover Sheet which points to a file within the Package:

  1. Click the Cover Sheet button for the Package:
  2. Open the Bookmark Panel by clicking on the Bookmark button:
  3. Click the New Bookmark button

    Or, hit Ctrl-B (Command-B on the Mac)
  4. Type some text for your bookmark
  5. Select the bookmark, right-click and choose Properties

  6. Or, type Ctrl-I (Command-I on the Mac)
  7. The Bookmark Properties Window Appears.
    Click on the Actions tab at the top of the window.
  8. Delete the “Go to page in this document action” by
    – Selecting the action
    – Clicking the Delete button
  9. Select “Go to a Page View” from the Select Action pop-up menu:
  10. Click the Add button
  11. The Set View window appears

    Don’t click any buttons in this window yet. You need to navigate to a bookmark in one of the documents in the package.
  12. Click in the PDF Package Top View and select a document. Open the bookmarks panel if necessary, and click on the bookmark:
  13. Now, click the Set Link button.

Repeat the process as necessary to add more bookmarks to the Cover Sheet.