WritersUA – An update

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I am just back from the WritersUA conference. As usual the conference was nice – we had some great sessions, good food and a lot of fun. As I had mentioned in the previous post, we had John Daigle, Peter Grainge and Rick Stone as RoboHelp experts and Matt Sullivan as FrameMaker expert.


I was surprised when two out of the three pundits in the closing session concluded that Adobe AIR is the future. However, that gave me satisfaction as we were able to show the power of Adobe AIR through Beta of RoboHelp Packager for Adobe AIR.

I thank everyone for showing interest in RoboHelp Packager for Adobe AIR. We had a number of requests both at the booth and in the conference sessions. We did a couple of sessions about Adobe AIR and RoboHelp Packager for Adobe AIR and got some great feedback. For those of you, who have not got a chance to attend WritersUA, should go ahead and do a free download of the same from //labs.adobe.com/technologies/robohelp and participate in developing this product by providing feedback on the forum on the same web page.

The best part of using the packager is that it accepts WebHelp output produced by either Adobe RoboHelp 6 or Adobe RoboHelp 7 to generate an .air file. You do not have to do anything technical or write code. All you need to do is to go through a conversion wizard which has three screens in total. You can rip apart the WebHelp UI and package the actual content with a new modern looking UI. Packager provides you with an option of picking up from a set of absolutely different looking UI.

Thanks everyone for making this conference a memorable one.

– Akshay