RoboHelp Packager for Adobe AIR – Redefining the future of Online Help

Five weeks ago, I posted on RoboHelp Packager for Adobe AIR and I started with “If you want to know more about the future of Online Help in Web 2.0 world, you may want to check out the Public Beta of RoboHelp Packager for Adobe AIR.” It was a brave statement and I was preparing for a long and extended period of evangelism around Adobe AIR and why it is the most preferred format for your Online Help. However, events have overtaken us.

At the Writers UA Conference two weeks ago, Adobe AIR was a great hit. Within 3 weeks of the public Beta announcement, almost everyone at the conference was talking about the possibilities Adobe AIR provides as a vehicle for delivering Online Help. Throughout the conference, a number of experts, consultants and trainers whom we closely work with – John Daigle, Matt Sullivan, Alan Houser, Kevin Siegel, Rick Stone, Peter Grainge, Rob Houser, Tony Self and hundreds of conference participants endorsed the vision of Adobe AIR. We held additional sessions to provide details on RoboHelp Packager for Adobe AIR and two of the four pundits on the panel mentioned Adobe AIR as the future of user assistance. I had no doubt in my mind that Adobe AIR is the future of Online Help, what’s amazed me is the speed at which everyone in user assistance community has embraced Adobe AIR.

If you are one of the few, who have not yet downloaded the free public beta from Adobe Labs, please do so and let us know your feedback.