Adobe Technical Communication Suite- Create Custom FileNames for Topics in RoboHelp

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You can create custom filenames for topics in RoboHelp, when you add FrameMaker documents to RoboHelp as live link. You don’t need to use filename markers in FrameMaker. Since RoboHelp supports conditional tags and imports the text in FrameMaker which has conditional text setting applied, the same workflow can be created using conditional text. This solution relies on the fact that RoboHelp creates topic names based on the text of the style you paginate on.

1. Please add the specific file names (say, FileName1, FileName2, FileName3, FileName4) just before the topic headings in FrameMaker which correspond to these dialog names.

2. Assign a unique style to these names (say, “FrameMakerFileNameStyle”).

3. Apply a conditional text to these names in FrameMaker (say, “FileNameTag”).

4. Add another style in RoboHelp (say”RoboHelpFileNameStyle”).

5. Map the FrameMaker style “FrameMakerFileNameStyle” to RoboHelp style “RoboHelpFileNameStyle”. You can map the remaining styles as you had done earlier. No change is required.

6. Select “RoboHelpFileNameStyle” as the style to paginate on (instead of Heading 1 or Heading 2).

7. Also, select to create a TOC based on FrameMaker TOC which uses Heading1 or Heading2 styles in FrameMaker. Note that
filenames are not same as the TOC entries, RoboHelp project explorer will list topics by filename. However, if you have a hierarchical TOC in FrameMaker (using styles Heading1, Heading2, Heading3) etc, RoboHelp will convert the TOC and maintain hierarchy.

8. Select “paratext_no_num” as the option for topic name pattern. This option asks RoboHelp to generate filenames based on the text of the style you paginate on and remove the autonumbering from the text.

Please click on Continue to view the Captivate demo below.

On Import of content in RoboHelp,

1. RoboHelp creates a TOC which mirrors FrameMaker TOC (the additional text is not reflected here)

2. RoboHelp creates filenames based on the text added (for example, FileName1, FileName2, FileName3, FileName4 etc.)

3. RoboHelp shows the custom filenames (FileName1, FileName2, FileName3, FileName4 etc.) as part of each topic with conditional text (FileNameTag) applied.

4. In the SSL, exclude the conditional text “FileNameTag” and generate output. You get your TOC, topics are also displayed fine without the additional text.

Please click on Continue to view the Captivate demo below.