FrameMaker WebDAV Enhancements for CMS Integration

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WebDAV is a standard protocol and is supported by most Content Management Systems (CMS). FrameMaker has built-in support for connecting to any WebDAV server and accessing files. It enables browsing the repository, selecting files and checking them out from the Server.

Your local machine has a directory structure that mirrors the WebDAV server structure, so when you check out files, the files are downloaded to your machine and placed in the mirrored folder.

FrameMaker 8 has extended the WebDAV support to allow authoring and editing of XML files located on the server. In addition, FrameMaker 8 allows you to specify an HTTP path to import graphics into a document, either by copying or by reference. The HTTP path is preserved in the XML.

WebDAV provides a standard way of integrating with diverse Content Management Systems today. The other alternative is to build a custom integration with each of the CMS using the proprietary APIs by the CMS. A custom integration is not only expensive to build and maintain, but it also locks down customers to a particular version of a particular CMS. At the same time, WebDAV is a low level protocol (the least common denominator) and hence, to enable a seamless workflow, an authoring tool like FrameMaker needs to build logic to process the referenced files, related topics and so on. Overall, in my opinion, the benefits of using a standard based approach outweigh the custom integration using proprietary APIs.

In future, I see two pronged approach towards enhancing CMS integration with FrameMaker.

Please let me know your comments.