FrameMaker 8.0.3 Available!

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We heard! We worked! We fixed!

Hello everyone

I am just back from the great ‘DocTrain West’ Conference held at Vancouver. I was really excited to discuss the interesting ideas and thoughts you shared with me in relation to both the short term and long term strategies. As I continued meeting you people, some of you told me about a few issues still faced by you in your workflows. We have been listening to you and we have fixed these problems through yet another patch 8.0.3.

FrameMaker 8.0.3 patch is live now and it is available through Adobe Update Manager (AUM). This patch (8.0p276) must be applied on top of 8.0.2 (8.0p273) only. You can check for updates through Help->Updates Menu in FrameMaker. Currently this update is available for English, French and German installations and we would shortly make it available for Japanese too.

With the help of these fixes, following workflows are now enabled/supported:

This patch has fixes for some more issues not listed above.

Please install this patch on top of 8.0.2, retest your workflows and share your feedback with me.


-Mahesh (