Sending your RoboHelp Project for Review – use Adobe AIR

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If you are authoring a help system, a knowledge base or a set of policies in RoboHelp, you probably need to send the RoboHelp project for review to your development team, project managers, client, product managers, consultants or colleagues. A RoboHelp project comprises of multiple topics, with images, multimedia and contains TOC, Index and Glossary. Sharing individual HTML files over e-mail and keeping track of them has been a challenge. At present, there are two options available for sharing your RoboHelp project with reviewers. RoboSourceControl allows collaboration on the source files (closely integrated with RoboHelp) and PDF enables a seamless commenting workflow inside and outside the organization. RoboHelp Packager for Adobe AIR now provides a new alternative for your review and commenting workflow’s – Adobe AIR.

With RoboHelp Packager for Adobe AIR, you can package the complete project in a single distributable file – including TOC, Index and Glossary along with content files. Unlike RoboSourceControl, reviewers don’t need RoboHelp to review the content and unlike PDF, the help files maintain the same look and feel in Adobe AIR.

A major challenge in the review process has been sharing the content with multiple reviewers, collecting feedback in a synchronous manner and managing the comments from multiple reviewers. With PDF and Adobe AIR, you can send a single file to your reviewers and receive comments in a XML file. The comments from multiple reviewers received in an e-mail can be imported in PDF or Adobe AIR. Similar to PDF, RoboHelp generated Adobe AIR help file can be shared on a network and multiple reviewers can simultaneously review the content. The review can be synchronous, that is, reviewers can send and receive comments, and collaborate with other reviewers in real time on click of a button.

The technical author can also view and manage (sort, delete, add) the comments from multiple reviewers in a single file. Both PDF and Adobe AIR help file allow authors to view comments by topic or by reviewers.