Structured FrameMaker – Using Text Insets in EDD

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Text insets in Adobe FrameMaker enable re-use of content. You can import a document into another document as a reference and update the content when the source document changes.

You can also use text insets in EDD – enabling you to re-use context level formatting rules and elements across elements and structured applications. First step is to identify the re-usable component. Once you have identified the re-usable component (for example, an element definition as shown in the Adobe Captivate demo below), you can do the following –

  1. Copy the re-usable component (element definition, here) from an existing EDD
  2. Go to reference pages
  3. Insert a text frame
  4. Paste the element definition in the new text frame
  5. Add a tag to text frame
  6. Come back to Body Pages
  7. Select the element and delete it
  8. Import the element definition from the same EDD. Please select reference flow and tag name of the text frame to identify the content.

You have created a re-usable element definition. Same can be repeated for context level formatting rules. Please see the Adobe Captivate demo below.