Free Converter for Migrating Projects from MadCap Flare to Adobe RoboHelp

Last year at STC, we heard several requests for enabling an easy migration from MadCap Flare to Adobe RoboHelp. Same was true for this year’s conference – just the number of requests increased manifold. We had several customers visit us at Adobe booth and request for a migration.

Some of the reasons for migration from Flare to RoboHelp were:

Now you have help available with migrating your MadCap Flare projects to Adobe RoboHelp. John Daigle, RoboHelp expert and consultant, is offering a free converter to migrate your projects from Flare to RoboHelp. The converter is a free download from John Daigle’s site and source code is also available under Common Public License. He already has a few success stories and if response in the STC conference is anything to go by, he is going to be very busy.