Understanding the 9.0.1 FrameMaker Patch

Dear Framers

Welcome back!

I hope most of you would have taken a break during the vacation.

At my end, I also keep working on getting the breaks fixed 🙂 Yes, I am referring to the patch activity.

I appreciate that you experts find out the issues and report them in time to me. Since there were some known and unknown issues which you found with FrameMaker 9, I decided to get them fixed on priority.

The patch 9.0.1 was released some time back and it addresses a large number of key issues. The issues fixed with this patch are:

  1. Type-ahead functionality of Control Key shortcuts (Ctrl+0 and Ctrl+9) is fixed.
  2. NOTE:
    When focus is on type‐ahead area, with a tag displayed in it, clicking in the document applies that displayed tag. “ESC” key should be used to exit from the status bar’s type‐ahead area.
  3. When the starting letter is pressed the fly‐out menu of the status bar DOES NOT APPLY the value automatically NOW if there is a SINGLE entry.
  4. Now, index “see” characteristics with DITA indexterms can be completely controlled by you.
  5. DITAVal filter works correctly NOW even if there was conditional text applied on some elements.
  6. In Save as CMYK Pdf functionality, rendering of imported PDFs can be done as a CMYK preview.
  7. The crash issue occurring when specifying a wrong file name in browse dialog at the time of inserting a new topicref (using element catalog) in a Map/BookMap file is fixed.
  8. Para Designer doesn’t get updated in the minimized mode now.
  9. In German locale, messages appear correctly in XML Schema Log.
  10. File ‐> Preferences ‐> Interface ‐> Hide Panel on Close; will be checked OFF by default NOW. This boosts performance.
  11. The issue of graphics getting dropped in CMYK PDF is fixed now.

You may find some change in behavior when you apply this patch but please do no worry. We are aware of these and there are simple workarounds for these. Let me discuss these in detail.

Command popups in Designers (Paragraph, Character and Table) may not open on mouse click. You may also find empty building block list.


Please keep giving your valuable feedback.

I am really excited that at STC in Atlanta, I will get an opportunity for discussion with you all!

Thanks and regards