You, Me and Conferences

Hello Framers!

Hope things are going great with you. It’s been a while since I met some of you.

Like every year, this year too I had planned to meet you personally at various conferences but it seems that the first half of 2009 didn’t want me to meet you at conferences. FrameMaker Chautauqua didn’t take place this year; then due to some urgent business meeting, I couldn’t attend WritersUA. Then the stage was all set for the grand STC conference but my STC program was hacked with the alert ‘H1N1’ forcing the sudden cancellation. And then, unfortunately, DocTrain conference too got cancelled.

But this was for the first half of 2009! As per game theory, if I look at the second half of 2009, it should look more positive giving me ample opportunities to meet you, our Adobe Technical Communication Family!

I am sure you are enjoying working with FrameMaker 9 either as a point product or as a part of the Technical Communication Suite 2. We also released a couple of patches for the issues reported by you. Initially, some of you reported that you were not comfortable adjusting with the pleasant changes brought in FM9. This was natural and now I am sure that with lot of e-seminars, tutorials, whitepapers and engineering blogs, you have become experts in working with the new release.

Since change is inevitable, there have been some other changes too which you might not be aware of. Let me share a couple of them with you. I was blessed with a daughter less than a year ago. People say that in the year of global slowdown, my body has seen a sharp growth in adipose tissue which I have validated with weighing machines!

I am including a picture from STC 2008. When I meet you next, it would be easy for you to relate the change!


Please keep sharing your feedback and I hope to meet you soon.

Take care