Numbering in Hierarchical Books

Adobe FrameMaker 9 has introduced hierarchy in books. Two new logical entities Folders and Groups have been added in books to support hierarchy.


Figure 1: Book containing Chapter, Section and Sub-section

Levels in Hierarchy

1. Chapter Level

All the files and components that are directly present at the root level are considered to be at Chapter Level.

2. Section Level

All the files and components that are directly under the Folder present at root level are considered to be at Section Level.

3. Sub-section Level

Files and components that are present directly under Folder at Section Level are considered to be at Sub-section Level.

Note: Group’s should always be ignored while determining the level of hierarchy.

Selecting the components at different levels

To select all the components at Chapter, Section and Sub-section level one can use corresponding menu items Edit -> Select -> Chapter/Section/Sub-section Components. In Fig 1 all the components at Chapter level are shown selected.

Setting the Numbering Properties


Figure 2: Selection and status of Numbering tabs on Chapter level components.

On setting the value as “Continue Numbering from Previous Chapter/Section/Sub-Section in Book” we get the following values for the files and components present in the book.


New Building Blocks named and and new Variables ‘Section Number’ and ‘Sub Section Number’ are also added to support numbering in Paragraph Designer and Variables respectively.

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Books in FrameMaker9 support additional formats like book, XML and ditamap i.e. they can now be added within the books and numbering can be set on these files as well.

Numbering in Child Book components.


Figure 3: Book containing Child Book

Child Book implies book present within another book.In this figure is a book that contains another book within it. All the fm files and Child Book are present at the Chapter Level. The components present in the are considered to be present at next level relative to the

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Mayank Gupta, FrameMaker Engineering