Update on Updates!

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Dear Framers

I hope all of you have comfortably installed 9.0.2 by now. Though this was difficult to accommodate in our tight schedule but my first objective is to remove your pains and I feel satisfied that 9.0.2 fixed the issues which crept in through the mega 9.0.1 patch.

Let me briefly describe the fixes of 9.0.2

  1. Commands drop down in the designers work NOW and numbering building block in Para designer do get populated NOW if FM is launched afresh and the designers are present in the workspace.
  2. FrameMaker DOES NOT crash on inserting any file of a type other than the type defined for the column in a reltable.
  3. FrameMaker DOES NOT crash while opening a file with view->options set as “Facing Pages”

Now let’s talk something about the new trends. You know that FrameMaker 9 provides innovative, robust, forward-looking and complete support for DITA. With the complete technical communication solution in form of TCS2, the cross-product integrations add to the power of your workflows.

DITA as a standard and FrameMaker as the DITA tool are great to adopt. The tool allows you to leverage the power of DITA Specialization. But some users ask for something more. That “something” is expert help on specializing DITA in FrameMaker.

We spent lot of time writing, reviewing and polishing expert help and published a white paper named “Integrating DITA Specialization with ADOBE® FRAMEMAKER® 9”.

You can download this paper from http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FrameMaker/9.0/DITA/framemaker_9_dita_integration.pdf

I am also including it below.

Based on popular demand and criticality of the need, we’ll keep working on such information packages. Please keep sharing your feedback with me at mahesh@adobe.com

Take care

– Mahesh