Changing and Adjusting with the change at ease!


Yesterday, I went to a music concert and after the concert, I decided to talk to the guitarist who had nearly taken control over my senses. This person has been playing guitar for past many years. During the conversation, he revealed that initially he used to play inexpensive guitars as he didn’t consider himself as an expert and secondly he was afraid that his parents would scold him if he damages the sophisticated ones. This continued for many years, but he was still an unknown name in the field of fame.

But within a few years, he realized that it was a must to play a sophisticated tool for carving his niche in the path of success. He had to move beyond the basics. Though there was some amount of training required the right selection of the tool was also very critical in the path of success.

Similarly, for a few pages document, a letter or a memo, it’s common to work with tools like Microsoft Word but then as soon as we talk about technical communication, there is an expectation of being more professional, sophisticated, robust and organized.

You folks already know about the robust structured document support in FrameMaker. This could be native structured, XML or specific XML standard based like DITA. FrameMaker 9 Hierarchical books provide great flexibility in aggregating legacy content with the newly created documents and …

I think I should stop here otherwise I’ll start giving you tips and tricks on migrating content to structured FrameMaker. Well, I said that I will stop here but you should definitely do a deep dive into it by attending the upcoming seminar by RJ Jacquez on Migrating to and Benefiting from Structured Authoring using Adobe FrameMaker 9

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I highly recommend that you make full use of this opportunity!

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– Mahesh