Repost: Hotfix for FrameMaker

Dear Framers

Today I am talking about the old good news but I am sure this will do good even now! Yes, I am referring to the Microsoft Hotfix which was released by Microsoft last year.

I keep getting some queries on the issues which are already taken care by the hotfix and hence I thought that let me make a new post and give you the links for downloading this utility again.

Details on this hotfix’s benefits are copied verbatim from my old post and it states:

“This Hotfix should fix almost everything for which you used to delete ‘Fntcache.Dat’ as a workaround.”

To summarize, the following problems have been taken care of with this fix:

Offical Hotfix Download

This Microsoft Hotfix is available at the following location: (Gives details on the Hotfix) (Direct Download Link)”

Hope you are enjoying FrameMaker 9 and/or Technical Communication Suite 2. Please do share your feedback.

Take care

– Mahesh