User-Defined Variable in RoboHelp 8: Brighter and Better

RoboHelp 8 has renewed User-defined Variables (UDV) by allowing formatting inside the value of UDV

A formatted UDV can have any inline HTML content. Following is the list of HTML components which can be a part of formatted UDV.

Example: – A formatted UDV AdobeCopyright contains the logo as well as copyright text with link.

Variable Set
Variable sets provide a way to have different values for a single UDV. User Defined Variable pane provides an easy way to modify the value of UDV for different Variable Sets. Select any Variable set from Variable Set Combo in the User Defined Variables pane and modify the value of any UDV in the Design or HTML editor.
is used to create/manage UDV. Other Variable Sets are linked to default Variable Set. You need to change the required UDV value only in different variable set; all other variables will have values from default Variable Set.
You may choose a Variable Set in the Single Source Layouts dialogs to get a specific value of your UDV.

Uses of Formatted UDV
A Formatted UDV can be a part of any of the following RoboHelp project/HTML component.

You may use Formatted UDV for variable as well as reusable content within a project. This is a powerful feature of RoboHelp supporting single sourcing. You may change the value of UDV at a single place and it gets reflected at all locations wherever it is used.

One needs to play around with this feature and apply creativity to explore its power. Once comprehended and brought into practice, this feature can support highly efficient and useful workflows.

Gunjan Kumar
RoboHelp Engineering Team