FM9 Hierarchical Books: New variable

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FrameMaker 9 introduces a new variable , which is available for use in a template document of a Folder in a hierarchical book. FrameMaker enables the author to use this variable in the template file associated with a Folder. The value of this variable provides the name of the Folder title.

Authors might need to update the Book in order to correctly reflect the value of this variable in the template document. For all other documents which are neither Folder template file nor part of the FM book, variable will reflect the filename of the file in which it is used.

Embedded along is a small demo on how to use in a book.

View demo in a new window.

I have tried using this variable to add an introduction to a section in my book. Also i have taken care of clubbing the different sections in the book using Folders introduced in FrameMaker 9. The sectional introduction documents in the book reflect the title which has been used to name the Folders in the book. I have included this Sectional title to create the Table of Contents of the book. Just changing the Folder title as needed allows me to modify the title of the Introduction document as well as the TOC of the book.

I’m sure authors could also use this variable specifically to their needs. Suggestions and feedback are welcome.

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