What’s the difference between Acrobat versions?

Probably the most frequently asked question I’m asked is— “What’s the difference between Acrobat Reader, Standard, Pro and Pro Extended?”

And, the second most frequently asked question is— “What’s the difference between Acrobat 8 (or other version) and Acrobat 9?”

There are detailed “official” matrices you can download from the Adobe website, but they probably don’t speak as directly to you, the legal professional.

I’ve put together two “unofficial” documents that speak to both of the issues above.

So when you want to know which version of Acrobat has redaction, or if web capture changed in version 9, these PDFs will help.

Download the Files

Acrobat 9 Legal Feature Matrix
Shows differences between
Adobe Reader, Standard, Pro and Pro Extended(214K PDF)


Acrobat 7-8-9 Comparison for Legal Professionals
See new features added in Acrobat 8 and 9.
(179K PDF)