TCS2 – The Complete XML Solution

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Dear members of the TCS family

Many of you write to me about getting more information on the XML power present in TCS2.

This year I presented at the summer XML conference and talked about topic based documentation using TCS2 in XML way. This complete solution lets you author, review and manage content effectively whether you want to work in an unstructured fashion or want to work with XML or standards based on XML like DITA.

My presentation below gives more details on these workflows.

If you wish to download the presentation along with attachments, please visit the link

Amit Agarwal from our engineering recently conducted an e-seminar on what’s new in FrameMaker. It focuses on key enhancements like the user friendly new UI, DITA, Hierarchical books and Review workflow.

I recommend that you watch this recording which is available to you at

I am really excited to meet all of you who’ll be present at Tekom. Even if you are not, please be in touch.

Take care

– Mahesh