RoboHelp 8.0.1 available now!!

Dear RoboHelp Users,

Thanks for the feedback that you have shared with us on RoboHelp 8. We have tried addressing the pressing issues via RoboHelp 8.0.1 patch. In addition to resolving the RoboHelp issues, this patch also improves the FrameMaker-RoboHelp interaction for the Technical Communication Suite users. Robohelp 8.0.1 patch is live now and is available through Adobe Update Manager (AUM). RoboHelp 8 users can check for updates through Help>Update Menu in RoboHelp 8.

List of major issues resolved in this update:

1. Slow loading of topics in display panel
2. Data loss on spell checking project when all topics are closed and ‘User Defined Variables’ (UDV) Pod is open
3. Popup showed blank on applying a CSS to multiple topics after importing a topic from previous version of RoboHelp.
4. Popup Window for related topics not opening near the related topics button when a large topic is created.
5. Table loses its width setting in Printed Documentation
6. Table with straddled rows and columns are lost on mapping it with any RoboHelp table
7. User defined indent changes and gets incorrect in case of a multilevel list
8. Table displays an extra column in some situations
9. Vertical alignment not shown properly when explicitly set using CSS.
10. RoboHelp HTML crashes when executing sample script for “UDV converter with UI”
11. All the panes are not visible in Browser based AIR Help using startpage.htm#path/targettopic.htm url.
12. RoboHelp 8 does not add space between the expanding Hotspot and the expanding text.
13. Dropdown text not suppressed by Conditional Build Tag in Printed Documentation
14. Different options e.g. Font, font size, zoom etc stop working on changing the image of any icon on the formatting toolbar and restarting RoboHelp.
15. Remove Unused Index Keywords menu item was disabled and hence the functionality wasn’t available
16. Show/Hide in a MiniTOC in a Topic placed inside a folder works only in Internet Explorer
17. Clicking on Home breadcrumbs in child project in Browser Based Merged AIR Help opens up default topic of child project.
18. Incorrect order of topics displayed or RoboHelp HTML crashes on toggling between folders and TOC on TOC page layout when multi level Folder architecture is present in Project Manager.
19. RoboHelp 8 Compiler not working properly with the RoboHelp 8 Command Prompt.
20. CSH call of offline help for non-Unicode applications doesn’t work for second time

**Issues related to RoboHelp – FrameMaker Integration (Technical Communication Suite) resolved in this update:

21. Slow response time to Link multiple .fm files (e.g. two 7 MB files) as compared to linking single (14 MB) .fm file
22. Some images set in the FrameMaker’s Anchored Frame missing in RoboHelp.
23. Some of the cross references not getting converted into hyperlinks for FrameMaker Book9
24. Multiple instances of FrameMaker launched on generating FrameMaker book with multiple big documents.
25. CBT is applied wrongly in RoboHelp if the conditional expression is applied on any anchored frame in the FrameMaker document.

RoboHelp 8.0.1 resolves few other issues in addition to the ones listed above. Please apply this patch, and continue to share your feedback with us.