TCS2 Reviewer’s Guide

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Dear Technical Communicators

I met some of you during Tekom conference and it was wonderful interacting with you. I must thank you all for the great positive feedback you shared for TCS2 and FM9.

Your enhancements requests are definitely in my consideration set. Obviously, as a strategy guy, I am looking at the short term next release as well as the longer term roadmap.

You mentioned that more information is needed regarding TCS2 features. I am sharing the link for TCS2 Reviewer’s guide again. It has many tutorials on the suite workflows as well as point product value additions. The Reviewer’s Guide was developed as a pdf portfolio. I am sure you have already explored this new feature of Acrobat 9. TCS2 also gives you this value addition. You can also see the portfolio below:

If you wish to download the portfolio, please visit the link

Try It exercises for FrameMaker mentioned in the guide can be found at the link

Please keep sharing your feedback…

Take care

– Mahesh