Exploring the power of RoboScreenCapture!

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Dear Framers

I hope that you are enjoying working with the RoboScreenCapture software. If you are not much familiar with this tool, then let me explain about it briefly. It is a lightweight screen-capture and image editing tool which comes free with any FM9 and/or TCS2 license.

This post will give you an overview of the RoboScreenCapture tool functionality. Thanks to Rajat, FrameMaker Engineering Manager, for preparing this blog.

Screen Capture has always been an integral part of technical authoring workflows and with FrameMaker 9, you get RoboScreenCapture out of the box for the same. RoboScreenCapture is a powerful screen capture application that provides various options for capture like Full Screen, Window or Control, Active Window, Region, Freehand etc. Apart from Screen Capture it also contains basic image editing features like cropping, scaling etc to edit the captured image.

Embedded below is a small demo which shows the power of RoboScreenCapture.

With FrameMaker 9, RoboScreenCapture is integrated with FrameMaker and is included in the box. You can launch RoboScreenCapture from FrameMaker itself by using “File-> Launch RoboScreenCapture” option. Also for basic image editing, you can use “Graphics->Edit With RoboScreenCapture” option or “Right-Click Context Menu” to edit the graphics in RoboScreenCapture.

Take care

– Mahesh