Paragraph Autonumbering in RoboHelp 8

Dear RoboHelp Users,

This is the third post of the ‘RoboHelp 8 List’ blog series. In this blog we will focus on ‘Paragraph Autonumbering’ functionality.

1. What is Paragraph Autonumbering?
Many times we need to create captions with numbering for images or tables, or simply number the sections etc.; for example in this blog heading of all the sections are auto-numbered. Paragraph Autonumbering can prove to be very effective in such cases.

Paragraph Autonumbering allows user to define a paragraph style with numbering or bullets. When the user applies paragraph style to pre-selected text, RoboHelp adds pre-defined paragraph numbering to the text. Auto numbered paragraph content is similar to a multilevel list content. The scope of Numbering is at the topic level.

2. How to create Paragraph Autonumbering?
You can create an auto numbered paragraph style using button. ‘List for Autonumbering’ dialog will popup.

To make auto numbering (as shown above), do the following
• Select ‘Numbering’
• Do the required prefix formatting
• Apply ‘Prefix Style’ (Optional)
• Press ‘OK’

RoboHelp allows you to auto-number paragraph in multilevel scope too. To create paragraph Autonumbering in multilevel scope (as shown below), do the following

• Select the ‘Inherit Numbering Property from Multilevel List’ check-box
• Select ‘List Class’
• Select ‘List Level’
• Press ‘OK’

3. How to apply Autonumbered Paragraph style?
To apply this ‘Autonumbered paragraph’ style,
• Select the content in your topic
• Click on ‘Apply Style’ combo, and select the Paragraph Style (e.g. “1. Heading 1” in the below image)

4. Why Paragraph Autonumbering?
• Different users may visualize their document structure differently. When you visualize the content as paragraph not as a list you should create paragraph Autonumbering.
• When you need to create a list repetitively, then using Autonumbered Paragraph takes single step to auto number it.

Hope you found this blog series on ‘RoboHelp 8 List’ functionality useful. Please continue to share your valuable feedback with us.

Amit Jha
RoboHelp Engineering Team