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With your valuable feedback, I am able to take FrameMaker and TCS in the right direction.

It’s great to get your feedback in multiple forms. When we say FrameMaker, it is actually a family. As you know, there is FrameMaker 9, SDL AuthorAssistant, FDK, DITA-OTK Plug-in and many other components in the family.

Another key product in this family is FrameMaker Server. Some of you are power users of the server but some of you may not know much. The number of queries I get on the server is increasing exponentially and I thought that it would be good to initiate a discussion. You folks may want to get into elaborate information sharing through the forums.

Ok, so what is FrameMaker Server 9?

As the name suggests, this product is meant for use in a server environment for high-volume processing. Your content produced in a distributed environment through multiple FrameMaker client installations can be nicely converted to pdf in an AUTOMATED fashion through the server. Typical uses include catalog, database and directory publishing, as well as the production of personalized technical documents and custom eBooks.

If you are publishing with manual intervention, it is okay to work with your FrameMaker desktop installation but AUTOMATED publishing is permitted ONLY through the server. The End User License Agreement (EULA) makes this distinction.

The product page link is

The FAQ at gives detailed information about this product. I am including the first two queries from the FAQ here.

What is Adobe® FrameMaker® Server 9?

Adobe FrameMaker Server 9 software is a print and PDF publishing engine that runs in a server-based or automated environment (with no user interface). It is designed for integration with a variety of data sources, including databases, application servers, and web services. A rich array of import options including XML and MIF is complemented by a powerful, comprehensive API known as the FrameMaker Developer Kit (FDK). Applications for FrameMaker Server include catalog publishing, database publishing, and the production of personalized documents and custom digital publications. For more information, visit the FrameMaker Server home page. Note that FrameMaker Server is a software component that must be integrated with a solution before it is ready for use. You can either purchase a third-party solution (for example, from Datazone or Finite Matters Ltd.) or build your own using the FDK.

What is the difference between Adobe FrameMaker 9 and FrameMaker Server 9?

Although both Adobe FrameMaker 9 and FrameMaker Server 9 software share the same technology and even the same installation CD, they differ in the permitted use for which they are licensed. Both FrameMaker 9 and FrameMaker Server 9 include a set of powerful, high-quality features for producing print and PDF output. FrameMaker 9, however, is designed to be used interactively by users on their desktops. It includes a fully interactive, WYSIWYG authoring environment, along with a range of publishing tools. FrameMaker Server 9, on the other hand, is designed to be used programmatically in a server-based or automated environment. The FDK is the primary means for driving the application. FrameMaker Server is specifically designed to provide server-based features for print and PDF output.

Based on your need, you may want to evaluate FrameMaker Server since the need for more and more aggregated automated publishing is growing rapidly. Let me assure you that the products have a great future. If you have any feedback for the server, please share it with me at

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