Using FDK Resources

In this blog, we are going to talk about the correct way to use FDK resources.

All Structure Import/Export clients have to link with structure lib (struct.lib) and its dependent resource file (fmstruct.res). These files (struct.lib and fmstruct.res) are shipped with every version of FDK, and to link with the above-mentioned files, you should add them to the Additional Dependencies field in your client’s project setting. This is the recommended way to link with structure lib and its resources.

In case, you have embedded the structure resources (fmstruct.res) into your client’s project as a resource script file (.rc), then after upgrading your client to link with a newer version of the FDK, your client may behave unexpectedly. This may happen because, structure resources and their index in string table may change with every new version of FDK. If you are following this approach, then don’t forget to update the embedded resources in your client project.

Please write a comment if you’ve any doubts/questions.

Harsh Gupta
FrameMaker Engineering