Leveraging Unstructured FM Knowledge for Authoring DITA content

In this Blog, I will talk on how the Authors can leverage Unstructured FM Knowledge to author structured DITA content in FrameMaker. As authors move to authoring structured or DITA content, they can use the existing knowledge of Unstructured FM workflows to author the same. This helps in quick ramp up and reduces the barrier to move to structured or DITA content.

Working with Objects:
As authors create structured content, author need to take care of managing elements and attributes apart from authoring content. With Adobe FrameMaker, this additional complexity is automatically handled by the application itself. Authors can use the existing workflows for working with Objects like XRef, Images, Tables, Footnotes, Indexterm etc. FrameMaker will automatically insert the corresponding elements for these objects in the hierarchy.

Working with DITAMaps:
In DITA, DITAMaps acts like container to specify the order and link content of documentation being authored. Authors can work on DITAMaps in the same was as he / she used o work on FM Books. With FrameMaker you get workflows similar to BOOK to create and edit DITAMaps.

The following demo will demonstrate these similarities.
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Rajat Bansal
Engineering Manager – Adobe FrameMaker