Welcome to the Idea Exchange!

We love ideas. Always have. I spend most of my waking hours talking to Omniture users on Twitter, the Yahoo! Forum, blogs, etc., and many of these conversations center on ideas—how best to use our products, how to solve perplexing problems, and how to improve the Omniture Suite.

Because we love ideas—and because we especially love to use ideas—we recently launched the Idea Exchange, where any Omniture Suite user can log in and tell us exactly what ideas they have for any of our products. Then other users can “promote” the ideas that they feel would help them do their jobs most effectively, giving us a great sense of which features are most critical for our users.

(Speaking of critical ideas, enjoy this clip and just know that our building will not be demolished as we’re reviewing the ideas that you send us.)

In all seriousness, it’s a mutually beneficial situation. You have a quick and effective way of letting us know how we can improve your online business optimization efforts, and we have plenty of ideas and feedback that we can implement to make that happen. Our job then becomes to monitor your ideas, interact with you to understand the underlying business questions and your suggestions, and figure out how to get them to you. Various members of our organization spend a lot of time out there; one of the neatest things about last week’s Omniture Summit was hearing Brett Error (Vice President and General Manager, Products and Technology) speak with intimate knowledge about many of the ideas that have been submitted already. So, yeah. We’re listening intently.

You want more eVars? Submit an idea and watch others promote it. (Actually, that one has already been submitted, so you’d be best served by promoting the existing entry.)

Need rule-based SAINT classifications? Describe how you want it to work and follow the implementation process.

Want an entirely new product that does something cool? Yep, you guessed it; Idea Exchange FTW.

You can also use the Idea Exchange to get to know other users in the Omniture community. Everyone has a profile and can add information about himself or herself, upload an avatar, post contact info on several major instant messenger platforms, and more. It’s a great place to get to know how others are using Omniture tools, and it’s also a great place just to get to know others. You can even interface directly with various Omniture folks including developers, Product Managers, and more. You’ll definitely see me around. I’m one of the folks who makes sure things are running smoothly out there.

To begin using the Idea Exchange, just log in to the Omniture Suite as you normally would. Then go to Help > Idea Exchange. You will be prompted to choose a username. Once you have chosen a username, it will be paired up with your SiteCatalyst login info, and you can access the Idea Exchange thereafter either via the Help menu, or directly by logging in to ideas.omniture.com.

So have at it! We need your best ideas, and we need them now. And if you have any questions, please let me know. You can follow me on Twitter at @OmnitureCare, or just send me a message on the Idea Exchange. See you there!