Facebook Integration, Valuable? Definitely!

I recently finished an upgrade to the Omniture Engineering Services Facebook Integration. The original integration pulled in the fan count and allowed you to trend it over time and compare your company’s pages to competitor’s pages.

The trended fan count report is extremely valuable to help you monitor your competitors and measure the reach of your Facebook fan page.

Why does Facebook matter?

There are tons of statistics about Facebook, so I am just going to throw out some statistics that are relevant to the Facebook integration.

What is in the upgrade?

Well, after a lot of investigation, about five iterations of the design and a lot of coordination between Jeremy Anderson (Social Media – Subject Matter Lead) in Omniture Consulting, we were able to add the following metrics.

· Fans – This metric is the change in fans

· Likes – How many likes occurred in a day

· Comments – How many comments occurred in a day

· Posts – How many posts occurred in a day

· Interactions – An addition of likes, comments and posts

Social media is all about engagement. The more a user engages with your company the more likely they are to purchase your products. Not to mention the more they engage with your company the more likely they are to express satisfaction to their friends and family. Here is an image of trended interactions. This report is a direct measure of how valuable your fan page is.

My new favorite Facebook report!

After reading this article about Facebook fan value I went to my trusty calculated metrics and simply created a Fan Value calculated metric. The math is Fan Value = fans * 3.6 in currency. Then use in the Fan Value calculated metric in a trended report and you get this:

If you are looking to impress your boss this is one report that will do it. More importantly, if you are looking to justify investing resources in social media this report will be key to realizing your goal.

How can you get the Facebook Integration?

1. If you want to build it on your own then there is significant work involved but I will give you a high level description of what to do in my next post.

2. You can contact your account manager and purchase an Omniture Facebook Integration. Omniture Engineering Services already has a Facebook framework in place, so we will be able to develop it for you quickly and reliably.

3. Finally, if you are technical and would like to save a ton of time on development and QA, then you can contact your Account Manager to purchase consulting hours with Engineering Services and we can save you a lot of headaches when it comes to developing the solution on your end. I suggest a minimum of 10 hours.

As always, post your comments or e-mail me at pearcea (at) adobe.com. It is your comments and e-mails that keep me posting and give me ideas for future posts.