Cross Visit Participation – Empowering You To Make Better Decisions [Advanced Solutions]

Engineering Services is often asked to find a solution when it seems impossible. Cross Visit Participation (CVP) is a solution that came from the impossible and has developed into one of the most valuable Engineering Services solutions.

What is CVP (in one sentence)?

CVP is a data reprocessing solution that allocates conversion metrics across all participating campaigns over the span of multiple visits.

What is CVP (That a normal human can understand)?

Your visitors are normally influenced by multiple campaigns before they convert and most users will make several visits to your site before they convert.

Here is a simple scenario from a single visitor:

The reporting from this will show:

All the revenue went to email, BUT the other two campaigns also influenced the visitor and deserve some of the credit. The same issue also applies to the units and orders metrics.

The CVP solution helps you make more intelligent decisions as you have a more complete vision of how traffic sources are contributing towards conversion.

With all analytics you want the most complete data possible, so your ability to measure all the influences to a conversion is critical when making decisions. That is where CVP comes into play.

With a CVP solution you will get the following reporting in addition to the data you are currently getting:

How CVP works?

As you know by now CVP is a custom solution developed by Engineering Services. After the project is scoped to meet requirements specific to your company or situation then Engineering Services will setup a custom process that will automatically reprocess your data and upload the CVP metrics to your Omniture report suite.

So you can see a simple report like this:

There are two new metrics that are not available in the standard campaigns reports.

Or a complex report like this:

(Click Image to see larger version)

The complex report has many metrics not available in the standard campaigns reports.

Note: The above reports are classifications of the campaign ID report.

Let’s do some deep dive analysis:

If we look at the unclassified campaign ID report we get this:

(Click Image to see larger version)

If you take a look at the report you can see that campaigns “emm:104” and “emm:105” have significantly more first touch revenue than last touch revenue. It also has a huge number of assists. If you were worried about the ROI you were getting on that campaign, this would justify the ad spend by showing that the campaign is good at driving conversions later on. You can also see that “par:118” has significantly more (last touch) revenue than it does first touch revenue.

I would imagine a campaign that consisted of “emm:104” as the first touch campaign such as an e-mail, then the landing page the user was sent to contained “par:118”, would result in a powerful conversion rate and an excellent increase in revenue.

Customized to your needs:

Every CVP project Engineering Services engages in starts with a scoping call where a specialist analyzes your requirements and designs a custom solution specific to your needs.

If you are interested in learning more, e-mail (nPurser (at) with questions. Or contact your Account Manager and they will help you get started.

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